Boyce Industries, Inc.

Tube bendingServing the Chicago area for over 40 years, Boyce has the experience in Custom Tube Bending to handle most bending needs.

Because Tube Bending is so specialized, we have setup programs for our customers that will ensure exacting results. By utilizing our capabilities and "know-how", we can produce a product that will meet or exceed your requirements; making component parts only a phone call away.

  • Equipment
    Boyce is equipped to handle jobs from prototype through production and can supply both simple bends and completely formed and welded assemblies.
  • Production Shop
    Our Production Shop inventories over 1000 different Bend Die Combinations and has capacity to Mandrel Bend round aluminum, brass, steel and stainless tubes in a range of sizes from 1/2" to 5" O.D. In addition, BOYCE is equipped to bend round, square and rectangular tubes from 1" to 4". To supplement this, our Secondary Operations Department offers cutting - Expanding and Reducing - Notching - Drilling and Custom Welding.
  • Factory Direct Performance Products
    BOYCE INDUSTRIES, INC. is a performance-oriented company that for over 40 years has been directly involved in motorsports from racecar chassis design and fabrication to the manufacture of competition proven racing products. more...

Experience and dedication to our customer needs continues to guide us on how we serve you.